Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!!

So I'm 24 hours late. Sue me.

We spent New Years Eve the same way we have since we were married: sitting at home, falling asleep around 10:30, being woke up at midnight with all the ruckus from the hard-core party people, then falling back to sleep after mumbling "Happy New Year" to each other. Yea, I know; we really know how to party.

The first day of the new year was cleaning/organizing day. We did some shopping on New Years Eve for ourselves with the funds from various family members, and picked up a toaster, a curio cabinet, a door stop, and a box of donuts. (Hey. You know how hard it is to spend exactly $140?) We put together the curio, did some vacuuming, and eliminated a couple more piles of leftover debris from moving. Most everything is where it is going to live for a while. I need some hardware to hang up our bells and to cram the last bit of the "we are keeping this but it has no useful purpose" stuff into the storage area under the bed. That will leave us with only one pile: the "if no one says they want any of this by Friday, it goes to charity/the dumpster" pile. We also decided we have just way too much furniture in the living room, so we will be trying to sell one of the end tables and the two Ikea chairs we bought for our room at Arcosanti. They are not nearly as comfortable as my dumpster-dive chair and the used dual recliner love seat we picked up a month ago, so in spite of being the only new furniture we own, it goes. We are still on the lookout for heavy duty bookshelves and a work table for Debbie to use for her scrap book stuff.

Today, I'm catching up with my web stuff, putting the finishing touches on some of yesterday's projects, making a list of everything I need to get done tomorrow while I have the car, and sitting around being lazy.

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