Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Fog from the RIAA

Even when directly asked, the RIAA refuses to believe that music falls under the fair use doctrine:
[T]here's no legal "right" to copy the copyrighted music on a CD onto a CD-R. However, burning a copy of CD onto a CD-R, or transferring a copy onto your computer hard drive or your portable music player, won't usually raise concerns so long as:

The copy is made from an authorized original CD that you legitimately own

The copy is just for your personal use.
In other words, "We at the RIAA retain the option to "raise concern" at any point in the future because we don't recognize the "right" of the person that pays the bills to use his purchase as he sees fit."

If the Might Morphing Defenders of the Constitution over at the EFF want to do something more constructive than support theft from widows and orphans, they can use up some of their boundless energy forcing a decision that specifically addresses music on CD's.

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