Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Climate Change. Again

A decent summary of the two "sides" in the climate debate. Being a summary, it shows a very sketchy version of both sides, but it is a good start and is from a somewhat reliable source. The thing to note is, of course, the unknowns. There is so much that we don't know, it's hard to put much stock in what is claimed to be known, not to mention the supposed remedies. I spent 22 years figuring out what when wrong with computers systems, and the first thing you learn is to not make things worse by attempting to fix a problem that you do not fully understand. And I can guarantee that Kyoto or any other political solution will not address the problem, and will likely make things worse. At best, resources that could go towards reducing uncertainties will be diverted to nonsense like baning the sale of incandescent light bulbs and burning fossil fuels so politicians can fly all over the world going to conferences. If we are truly concerned with CO2 levels, then instead of spending billions on the latest global warming conference, why not give it to these guys, or may these guys?

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