Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sifting and Sorting

Sorry for the long gap in posting. It's been a crazy month so far. Most of what I've been doing has been posted here, but just a quick review:

November 30th - Last day working in the Arcosanti foundry.
December 1st - move and clean out our room at Arcosanti in the rain while wading through mud.
December 2nd - unpack everything moved yesterday.
December 3rd - repack for trip to Michigan.
December 4th - Fly to Michigan.
December 5th & 6th - run around with parents visiting.
December 7th - pick up truck, get it stuck in my parents driveway, load it, drive as far down our old road as I could, then wade through snow up to my knees to our cabin to grab last minute stuff, put that in the truck, then drive the truck as far as Kalkaska.
December 8th - Meet my copilot at breakfast, drive to Burt, load the truck, then drive to somewhere in Indiana. Rain starts.
December 9th - Melt ice off truck windows, then drive to somewhere in Missouri. Continuous rain.
December 10th - Melt ice off truck windows, then drive to somewhere in Texas. Continuous freezing rain. The governor of Oklahoma celebrates our drive through his state by declaring it a disaster area.
December 11th - See the sun for the first time since leaving Michigan. Arrive in Prescott around 9pm.
December 12th - unload everything and return the truck. Drive back to apartment and stare helplessly at mountain of plastic bins.
December 13th - start unpacking.
December 14th - take copilot and Debbie's mom on tour of Arcosanti and Jerome.
December 15th - drive copilot and Debbie's mom to the Las Vegas airport for flight back to Michigan.
December 16th - drive back to Prescott and poke around in a few more plastic bins.
December 17th - start hard core unpacking and finding a place for things (the dumpster seems to be the easiest...).
December 18th - realize that we haven't done any grocery shopping since sometime in November. Spend entire morning shoving old ladies into the soup cans while I try to get the shopping done. Spend entire afternoon working through the mountain of laundry that has piled up while having all that fun for the last 17 days.

Thanks to everyone that helped, otherwise, I would still be somewhere in Oklahoma. At this point, we can see some of the floor in each room. No part of the apartment can be considered "done," but a couple are getting close. I have a ton of pictures that have been piling up on the camera that I absolutely must get downloaded, cleaned up, and loaded onto Flickr. I'll try for tomorrow, but no promises.

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