Monday, November 12, 2007

Temporary Loss of Signal

Another gap in posting. We are still at Arcosanti, but not for much longer if some leads we picked up this weekend pan out. I've been taking some crap for my views of life here at Arcosanti, but less than I expected.

Another reason for the delay in updates here is computer problems. Major computer problems. I decided that my Ubuntu problems were probably due to installing version 7.04, then upgrading to 7.10. So I tried to blow away 7.04 completely and install 7.10 from scratch. Well, I managed to blow away 7.04 along with everything else including Windows. So for now, all we have is Ubuntu 7.04. I can't install 7.10 from scratch due to massive bugs in the desktop environment. I'll try just Ubuntu for a while and see how it goes. So far, we still have the problem with video playback being very washed out. Daytime outdoor scenes are nothing but a bright white screen. I'll hit the forums and see what the solution is. I'll be testing audio today to see if I can get that working correctly this time around. The speakers on a laptop really suck.

Anyway, if you don't see anything here for a bit, I've probably totally blown our laptop.


Uncle Jonny's said...

Do you have high speed at Arcosanti?

FYI you leave Michigan and we just got high speed through Altel EVDO. Connect through the cell at around 500k down and 100 up.

Ric said...

One of the perks of living here is free high-speed internet access. Most of the rooms are wired and there are wireless routers everywhere including a couple large outdoor hot spots. I believe they have a T-1, but you are sharing that with 60 or 70 other people, most of whom are under 30, so it does get crowded at times.

We are debating whether to go with Altel EVDO or cable. I kind of like the idea of a portable internet connection, but cable may be more reliable. A lot will depend on what it costs up front, and what it costs per month.

Uncle Jonny's said...

EVDO for us is $25 a month on top of your cell bill. It has been reliable for us so far, but it has only been a month. You will have quicker with cable. I probably would have gone cable, but you know where we live.