Thursday, November 29, 2007

Of course......

This weekend we are moving the rest of our stuff from Arcosanti to the new apartment in Prescott and then Ric flys out Tuesday to Michigan to pick up the rest of our stored stuff to drive out here.

And of course, I am getting sick and it is snowing like crazy in Michigan near our cabin! Ric's parents were able to get what we wanted from the cabin piece by piece and take to their bunkhouse. (Thanks!) Hopefully when Ric picks up the Penske truck on Friday he will be able to get into his parents to get that stuff loaded.

Any of my family that hasn't read emails lately --- if you have B type blood -- we need you! If anybody else has B type blood in the Michigan area and would like to be tested for a possible donor match (kidney) -- let us know. I wish now I wasn't A+, so I could see if I could help out my cousin.


GreatMatt said...

We haven't really gotten much snow. As of this morning we only had, maybe, 2 inches. Unless, of course, grandma and grandpa got a bunch more snow than we did. I don't think we're supposed to get ton between now and next week, so you shouldn't have a problem getting your stuff. The big hill in front of grandma's house would be the only scary part. :-)

Debbie said...

Just remember Matt that out by Grandma/pa and our cabin it seems to be in a different snow belt than Kalkaska. I remember several times getting up and it being bad at our place and by the time I got to work, it was like nothing was happening.

so...Uncle Johnny ... how much snow do YOU have in your area ... closer to our place than Great Matt?

I will miss seeing you all ... make sure Ric takes pics of you all so I can remember what you look like!