Monday, October 15, 2007

24 for 24

Both Friday and today, I had perfect days. Friday I made 106's; today I made 110's. I picked one of the 106's to buy while I was assembling them today. We might have to move into a bigger apartment so we have room for us if I keep buying the bells I make.

I had never made the 106's before and they tend to be a problem bell even for people that have worked in the foundry for years. So I had to photograph my beginner's luck:


This is the one I'm buying:


There are more at the end of the Foundry 2007 photo set. The 110's I made today weren't quite as clean. I'll see what they look like after they have been cleaned up on the wire wheel tomorrow. Might be buying one of those as well.... Good thing I get paid to do this so I can spend it all buying my own stuff.


GreatMatt said...

Those are actually really cool. I think I like them better without the patina finish though. Congrats on your perfect days! :-)


Ric said...

Thanks. We also do a burnished finish on very few of the bells, but the bell has to be a lot cleaner than what I can turn out right now. The patina finish sort of hides the design, but the acid bath sort of smooths out some of the rough edges.