Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cough, Cough, Hack (snert)

I ran out of one of my asthma meds a couple weeks ago. I've been doing ok without it until Monday. It rained all day, and it has been cold and damp ever since. That triggered something that keeps me coughing continuously and sucking on Albuterol like it was water. I called my old doctor in Michigan to see if I could beg a phone-in here in Arizona. They never called back, so I'm not sure if that is good news or bad. I guess I'll find out later this morning when the pharmacy opens.

In any case, a little light reading from Fred Reed I stumbled across at 1am between coughing fits. We recently flew back to Michigan to take care of some paperwork. I can tell you first hand that the constant nattering not to leave your luggage unattended, not to leave your car unattended, to be on the lookout for suspicious behavior, that the president has elevated the threat level to mauve, is enough to make me want to blow up every airport in the country just to shut up the stupid announcer guy. And, as Fred and Jerry Pournelle both point out, none of it does anything to make air transport safer.

But it does make a lot of low IQ people feel powerful and important. I guess there is always that.



mbsouthwell said...

Just out of curiosity, what is a "snert"???

Megan S.

Ric said...

"Snert" is the sound of snot being sucked back into your sinus cavity (every male's alternative to Kleenex).