Tuesday, February 06, 2007


We made a fast dash back to Michigan to rid ourselves of the last of our assets that we left there. We couldn't have picked a better week, at least if the goal was to remind ourselves, in as forceful a way as possible, why we left. The high temperatures were in the single digits with blizzard conditions the entire time we were there. It was -7 when we flew out of Saginaw on Sunday morning, and -13 in Minneapolis when we arrived for our connecting flight. We are now back in Arizona, loving our sun, the 60-degree temperatures, and having feeling in our feet.

Debbie is in Phoenix this week, so we won't be doing much in the way of decorating our new space. We do have a window that is a bit of a problem. It gives people out on the deck an unobstructed view of my white, hairy butt every morning when I get dressed. A typical curtain isn't an option as the window is triangular (yes, as I've mentioned before, living in a building designed by a bunch of artsy types is a real hoot...). I'm seriously considering getting some small jars of paint in the same colors as the silt-casting on our ceiling and giving it a faux stain glass treatment. Cheap, easy, and if anyone doesn't like it, five minutes with a razor blade makes it go away. We also have a round window that is about twelve feet off the floor that may get a similar treatment. Not that anyone can really see into it, but if the other window works out, I may just do it for effect. I think the artsy thing may be rubbing off on me.

Well, I have to check e-mail, then get my sorry (white, hairy) butt into bed.

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