Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bad Day

Right this minute, I could easily pack our crap into the Durango, drive off, and die happy having never seen Arcosanti again. The fun started last night when Debbie checked the schedule for working the cafe register and found her name crossed off the shifts she signed up for. Today I was stopped by the manager in charge and told that Debbie was basically fired from working the register. Debbie can only work Saturday lunch or dinner, or Sunday lunch. (We reserve Sunday afternoon for us; I figure working six and a half days a week for Arcosanti is more than adequate.) Someone else that has been here longer wants those same shifts. So far, no big deal. But here is the twist: Debbie is trying to get in her required volunteer time, and the other person is paid. There are other shifts during the week that the other person could easily work. So basically, a volunteer was fired to make room for someone getting paid. This from an organization that complains about how much it costs the foundation for the residents keeping their rooms above 50 degrees.

The next surprise was when I went down to check on the pool and found the bottom covered with rocks. This is the third time someone has thrown rocks into the pool. The other two times, it wasn't a big deal; just a couple rocks that I was able to dig out with the skimmer. This time, it was dozens of rocks along with handfuls of gravel. The only way to clean it out is to actually get into the pool, which I have no intention of doing (the water was 45 degrees this morning). I'm assuming it was one or more of the minor residents who had the day off school yesterday and spent the day running around unsupervised. In the real world, when kids have a day off school, the parents have to either stay home themselves, or arrange for someone else to care for them. At Arcosanti, they just run loose interfering with people trying to work and being destructive.

My third happy event was an almost-shocking experience. I had been doing some electrical work in the bakery, then was dragged off on other projects for the last three or four weeks. Today, I was finally able to get back to it. Luckily for me, I'm paranoid and never touch anything until I've confirmed the lines are dead. Some Arco retard had turned the breaker back on. There is absolutely no reason for it to be on. Anything running off that circuit has been plugged into other places because we knew from the beginning that the renovation was going to take some time. So either someone knows that I'm working on that line and turned the breaker on anyway, or someone that doesn't know a damn thing is messing around in random breaker boxes.

What a great place.

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