Friday, December 29, 2006

Happenings and such

Hi Cyberworld --- we've missed you. Our server was completely dead since last Friday. It made my life kinda interesting for this week since I"m still working for my Michigan travel agency. I couldn't find a working WIFI anyplace to be able to connect remotely to the Michigan server. So, my Mom took pity on me and checked my emails for me on her computer. Plus, once a day I drove into Mayer to the public library to check things for my one hour time limit. Luckily I didn't have anything too important to do at work. I had one final called in this morning that I had to ask my inside gal to take care of the invoice for me since I couldn't sign on yet. Then after my cafe register duty for lunch, I came back to check things before heading to town again. It is finally working!!!! YEAH!!!!

Other happenings: Christmas time
We weren't able to make it home for Christmas this year. :-( I really missed the family time. Our big time out for Christmas Eve was going to dinner at a nice steak place and going to the theatre to see Happy Feet and Santa Claus 3. We had time to kill between the movies and walked around the complex some. We did finally find a REAL grocery store, it is called Fry's. Arcosanti was closed down from 1pm Christmas Eve until December 26th. This means nothing open to buy food (ie the cafe or bakery). We were able to take advantage of a couple things that happen here. First, Ron (landscaping manager) made breakfast in the cafe Christmas morning. Made to order -- omelets or burritos, french toast and bacon. It was a nice change to cereal, poptarts or bagels. Then Gin (bakery manager) had a potluck Christmas dinner at her place around 5pm. She likes turkey, so that was our main course. I really missed having ham and polish sausage!

I've been pulling more shifts in the cafe running the register since most of the help is gone. Nice pocket money. Ric is having a time in the maintenance department. The ?fun? they had yesterday was trying to unplug some toilets! One of the public men's toilet had a cell phone flushed down it!!! Ha! He still has his pool duties, even though him and another person are trying to talk the manager into draining it for awhile. (who wants to swim in 40-50 degree weather? the polar bear club is gone!)

The other big news I have is: I got a new job!!!! Beginning in January I will be working for AAA Arizona as a travel agent. I have 3 weeks of training (some in Phoenix) then go to part time until April. In April, I hope to be offered a full time position. It was interesting how this job came about. Ric and I were getting car insurance quotes one day and stopped into their office. As we were walking out, I asked the receptionist is they were hiring for travel agents. She said, they just hired somebody that was starting the next week. We walked out and I said "damn, my timing" I had picked up an application and the manager's name/number. I left her a message the next week -- about just moving in the area and my experience. I said I would drop off my resume later unless she wanted it right away. I then got a call two days after our workshop was done. She just had a part time person quit on Friday and wanted me to come in for an interview right away! WOW! I went in for the interview on a Friday and the job was offered to me on Tuesday. (pending my drug screening, reference check and criminal background check!) I was officially okayed this week --- everything checked out okay. God's timing is perfect. (Now, if I would trust Him to get the house sold.....)

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