Tuesday, October 17, 2006

On the Road

We are sitting in a Super 8 in Perry, Georgia and enjoying seats that don't move and high-speed internet access. I have, for the first time, managed to get a connection running with my D-Link wireless router. I've had nothing but endless frustration until tonight. I plugged it in and it just worked. Heck if I know what I was doing wrong before or what I did right this time, but I ain't arguing. Anyway, just to catch everyone up with all the fun we've been having so far:

Thursday we tried to do some packing, but we had to knock off early for dinner at Pastor and Kim's. We were there late, which was fun, but not good because...

Friday, we were up at 5:30am to go get a 24-foot moving van, using it to move heavy stuff from the house to the cabin (and it was heavy; thanks Dad and Richard), then loading it up, driving it to Birch Run, and unloading it (thanks Dave, Jerrica, Tevra, Timothy, and Mom). We were going to drive back, but it was 11pm and we just couldn't do it.

Saturday, we finally rolled out of the sack around 7am, and headed back north. By the time we dropped off the truck, grabbed something to eat, and got home, it was already noon. We worked for a while, then cleaned up and headed over to my parents for dinner.

Sunday, we were supposed to be in Birch Run by noon, but we still had all our packing and the entire house to clean. Obviously, we were late. We finally got everything crammed into both vehicles and headed for Birch Run singing the theme song from The Beverly Hillbillies. We spent some time with Debbie's family and just bummed around the rest of the day.

Monday was D Day. I had hopped to eat my last meal in Michigan around 8am, but we had to fit two vehicles worth of crap into one. We chucked a lot of stuff and by filling every single crevice in the Durango, we got the rest ready to go. We started south at 4pm and almost got to Lexington, Kentucky.

Tuesday, we were on the road by 11am. We didn't make very good time; we came to a complete stop several times, and once we sat completely stationary for 20 minutes. We also had a hard time staying on the road. We were stopping every hundred miles or so for some reason. We finally stopped in Perry, Georgia, just south of Macon. We should be at Mickey's House tomorrow.

When the county name our road Swamp Road, there was some residence who wanted to petition for a name change because they felt that their property would be devalued by that name. Well, I wonder what they would have thought of the name we ran across today: Stinking Creek Road. Only in Kentucky.

Anyway, time for bed. We've got a lot more driving so I should hit the sack.


Anonymous said...

Hi Deb & Ric - woo hoo! everything sounds like it is going well on the road. Other than the stop and go - b u t - that should be the lessor of anything that could happen - ENJOY your visit to Mickie's world, relax, take time for youselfs and experience everything you can. Cram all you can in as then you will have a week to completly relax -
NO more snow, once you guys left Mi.
Talk to you later, LOVE, Mom

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering what time "youse guys" finally got on the road. You looked exhausted so I hope you'll catch up on some sleep before the long trip to Arizona. Enjoy your cruise, relax and recoup!
Aunt Mary

Tom said...

"On the road again. I just can't wait to get on the road again!" - Sorry, couldn't help not makng the obvious Willie Nelson comment. Sounds like the trip is going well so far. Enjoy your cruise, and just so you know the weekend is looking pretty white around here if the weather prophets are correct! Take care!