Sunday, October 01, 2006


Happy Birthday to the Best Mom!

She is in Vegas (no -- Tom Jones is not there this time!) Maybe she will hit it BIG and be able to retire. I'll have to figure out how long a drive it is from Arco to Vegas and meet up with her when she flys in to see Tom.

We finally sat down yesterday to figure out when we should leave Michigan to get to Florida in time for our vacation. We will be leaving northern Michigan either 14Oct eve or 15Oct am. Then plan on staying at my Mom's (please and thanks?!) until we leave Michigan Monday October 16th. If we don't get to see you all before that, BYE for now. You can keep up with our life here on the blog and also email either of us.

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tammy said...

I will be in reno nv at the end of july next year... we should get together somewhere in the middle of reno and you guys.... lots of love,