Friday, September 08, 2006

TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!

These will probably be the longest two weeks at work ever! It has been pretty quiet this week. I've already went through my old files and put info into our database (and created ALOT of stuff to shred!)

We got some more boxes to repack things up last night. Hopefully will get some more egg boxes tonite and more work done this weekend. We have the Frost reunion to go to Sat -- so not much work to be done that day.

Other than counting the days down, getting ready for the auction, and getting ready to move, not much else going on. Sorry for the boring blog for awhile.

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Andy Chao said...

Hey, I'm going to try and get out of Arcosanti for a while today, and hopefully make it up to Prescott. I was wondering if you guys would be around; I'd like to see you while I'm there.