Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Sunday we had a Superbowl party for the Jr. High, Sr. High and college group. It was... well... I guess a complete flop. There was one Jr. High teen and one college kid and three adults. The flu seems to be taking people out two and three at a time. The Superbowl itself was a good game, and the half-time show will go down as the most bland and boring in a generation.

Today, I stayed home from work in the morning so the internet guys could come over and figure out why our internet access died. It turns out one of the wall warts was feeding bad power to the bridge router. The failure was intermittent (and thus undiagnosable) until Saturday when it finally went out completely. I will be watching it very carefully over the next few days, but so far, I have been able to keep a connection for several hours without interruption.

It turns out it was a good thing I was here. Nestina called from school for me to come and get her. She had a good fever going when I picked her up, so it looks like she is coming down with the crud like everyone else. She hasn't felt good since Saturday night and I think it is finally kicking in big time.

I made a point of being at work today for the announcement about who was going to be out of a job. The short version is "not me." Their were some changes to things like on-call pay. A couple people were whining about it. Unreal. People are losing their jobs and the rest of the group is pissing about losing $2/hour for on-call pay.

Fred Reed has a good post he put up a while back. I never linked to it from here. The point of the article is that objective journalism doesn't exist. All journalism is filtered if for no other reason than the average person finds everyday things boring. Would anyone watch the news if all it consisted of was camera shots of people going about their business with a voice over stating that "Today, in Kalkaska, we are at the scene where absolutely nothing happened"? Do you think a journalist is any different. His editor? Do you know the word for a photographer that only takes pictures of smiling children and puppies? Unemployed. None of that is to say that media bias doesn't exist. It most certainly does, and the bias becomes more obvious by the day. I'm not stupid enough to believe that the mainstream media are shilling for the Democrats or Republicans. But they most certainly are only telling the stories that benefit them or their interests in some way.

And here is someone else that agrees with me on the brilliance of the latest government research on losing weight. I love Danae; I would date her if she was a couple years older and I was about 25 years younger.

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