Friday, January 21, 2005

Yesterday was work, then a quick stop at the copy shop for youth group. Nestina was in Traverse City for an appointment. She called me at work to see if I could meet her someplace and lead her home. She still isn't comfortable trying to find all the turns in the dark to our place from TC. Debbie had dinner ready when we got home, so all three of us ate in front of the TV so we could watch Escanaba in da Moonlight. Lots of deer camp and yooper humor. It was pretty funny if you go for that sort of thing.

And that was pretty much it. Nestina only made it through half the movie before she hit the sack, and Debbie and I barely made it to the end. I think the flu is trying to hit us; no one has full blown symptoms yet, but we just all feel yucky and tired.

Some reading assignments:

Fred Reed once again hammers our "educational" system that cannot manage to teach children to read after 12 years. Understand that both of his daughters knew how to read before starting school, as did both my sister and myself. That means the fault is not entirely the schools, although they certainly share the majority of the blame, especially after telling parents for two generations that education should be left to the professionals.

Paul Graham also takes on the educational system, although only tangentially. This is a speech he was to give to a high school. The idea was killed by the school. After reading his speech, I can see why. Not that it isn't spot on, but I don't know of any school administration that would allow a speaker to say that all textbooks "suck" and that everything you do in high school is "fake" work. As I said, absolutely true, but not something that is likely to make one popular with the school board for saying. But those comments are merely support for his main point, which is the most important thing that a high school student should be focused on is not school. It is a long article, but worth reading yourself, then reading through with your kids.

That should be enough for one day.

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