Friday, November 05, 2004

USA Today has a county-by-county map. It is instructive. If I were a Democrat, I'd be very concerned. Not only do the Republicans "control" five times the square mileage that Democrats do, the population of those counties is 59% of the population of the United States. It looks like the easy Bush victory was because Republicans got off their butts and went to the polls. Jerry Pournelle has been referring to the Republicans as The Stupid Party for many years because of their unfailing ability to turn victory into defeat. If this map has any validity at all, the Republicans should have a lock on the Presidency, both houses of Congress, most state houses and most state govenorships.

Jerry also has something important to say about the candidates that both parties put forward. I thought the primary system was stupid from the start and the general lack of enthusiasm for candidates by the general population seems to indicate that I'm not alone.

Last night, I tried to get some of my reading done for school, but for some reason was too tired to keep my eyes open at 8:00pm. This morning I know why: I'm getting sick just in time for my parents 50th anniversary party tomorrow. I'm supposed to sing, but I can feel another sinus infection kicking in. Great.

Tonight will be a hectic night trying to get the church cleaned and decorated. Naturally, this weekend is the annual Iceman bike race. The organizers don't have enough parking for all the participants so they feel free to send them down to our church parking lot. They never asked, they just assumed it was ok. I mean, it is just a church and what possible use could a church have of its parking lot on a Saturday. So it looks like I get to be at the church at the butt crack of dawn to try to arrange for some parking for the guests to my parents' anniversary party. There are about ten other things going on that will make it nearly impossible for us to pull this thing off with any semblance of class.

That's it for now. I may post something later.

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