Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I did my "civic duty," although I assume that most of what I did will be a waste. This time around, I was able to vote a straight libertarian ticket for partisan offices. I didn't vote for any of the non-partisan offices. At least 90% of them were running unopposed and will not vote for anyone running unopposed. I voted against all proposals on principle: this is supposed to be a republic, not a direct democracy. That will put me at odds with my entire church, but what's new about that? I also voted down all property tax increases (including "renewals") again on principle. Property tax is the most immoral form of taxation that exists. The disproportionate burden that it places on the elderly and the poor is nothing short of criminal. Anyone who ever votes yes for any property tax measure is either ignorant or immoral.

As of this posting at 10:50pm, CNN is showing Bush ahead 193 electoral votes to Kerry's 133, but that doesn't include any of the western states or New Hampshire, Florida, Michigan, and Ohio. I expect all those to go to Kerry, except Florida, which I expect to be tied up in the courts until the 2008 election cycle. Kerry will also take the west coast. That makes the final vote something like Kerry with 272 electoral votes to Bush's 266. (I think the math is right: it is one minute to my bedtime, understand). So you heard it here first; Kerry will be our next president. Unless he isn't, then Bush will be. How's that for covering all the bases? Six of one; half dozen of the other, as far as I can see. The only thing I asked is that if Kerry wins that he 1) wears a bag on his head to keep from scaring small children when he is on TV, and 2) for God's sake, stop hanging all over Edwards like they are butt-buddies.

Debbie wants to go to bed, so I have to knock this off. I was hoping to see some of the west coast results before bed, but guess not.

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