Monday, October 11, 2004

Made some progress this weekend. I got the generators swapped around so we can charge up the batteries a lot easier. I cleaned out the power shed and set up the door to the battery room so it is sealed. Well, not quite yet; I still need to foam in around the door frame. But I did get the threshold put in and the foam gasket around the door. It seals up pretty tight. The only job left is to put in a vent through the floor of the battery room to let fresh air in when the exhaust vent is running.

A big chunk of Saturday was spent cleaning the house for company on Sunday. We invited the youth group out for lunch after Sunday morning service, so we figured even if they were just teenagers, we should at least scrape up the worst of it. One advantage of having people over every couple of weeks: the house gets periodic cleanings. I did notice one thing while cleaning. We seem to be getting a huge amount of dust from somewhere. The first couple of times, it didn't surprise me much because we were cleaning up after the construction. But that should have been cleaned up several scrub-downs ago. Maybe I'm just used to having carpet that hides it all.

In any case, Sunday was normal except for the five teens running around our house all afternoon. We (barely) made it back for evening service, then headed straight home to crash. All in all, it went well. Nothing important got broken in spite of the pillow-and-water fight that broke out around 4pm and lasted for an hour or so. (For the record, Debbie started it, not the teens.) We have a stack of dirty dishes looking at us, but those will probably wait until next weekend. I know I won't have time to deal with them between now and my last college class, and Debbie will be out of town all day Tuesday at a conference.

Tonight is homework night. I have to get cranking on my final final project. Well, I have to stop at Home Depot to pick up some drywall for my pastor and some odds and ends for us. But that should be a quick stop. Should. My record at the big orange box isn't promising.

Some interesting things I found today:

Fred Reed has another column up. While reading it, just remember that despair is a sin.

More information about water on Mars. The signs are for a wet past. Signs of water everywhere except on younger lava flows. Sounds like what one would expect if a planet was wet early on, then dried out as it lost its atmosphere.

Vox Day's latest column addresses an issue that many misunderstand. Libertarians are often accused of wanting to dismantle government so the evil corporations can destroy the planet and enslave everyone. The reality is that libertairians would dismantle the legal fiction of the corporation as an individual.

And that should keep everyone busy.

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