Thursday, October 28, 2004

Jason Pierce is Getting Married!!

In case anyone in the Wiklanski clan didn't get the e-mail, we received the following e-mail from Jason:
Hi everyone,

Sorry for the group email, but it is easier and I am lazy. I wanted to let everyone know, that I am getting married. SURPRISE! We have two dates and I am not sure yet which one it will be, but July 2 and Oct 1 are the choices so far, and yes, 2005. Her name is Candace, she has two boys, Gabe and Mitch. We have been together for only a few months, but when you know something is real and for sure, then why bother to put it off. I asked her Friday night, reserved the hall on Friday (yes, before I asked her). I just wanted to let everyone know and to make sure that your only plans for one of these weekends (I will have a definite decision very soon) were to be in Petoskey. Hope all is well with everyone, and I know that I don't have everyones addresses, so please send this on. Thank you.

Love, Jason
And another one bites the dust...

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