Monday, October 25, 2004

Another crazy weekend. We were busy; just not doing what we had planned. I was supposed to be at the church for a work day Saturday, but high winds and horizontal rain killed that (we were supposed to cut done a bunch of trees and run them through a chipper). I still had to go to the church for praise team practice, then home for some much-needed cleaning and organizing around the house. We both cleaned up and went into Traverse City for closet organizer parts and various other sundries. I was starting to get caught up on all the half-done projects, so of course we had to buy supplies for a bunch of new ones...

Anyway, by the time we did all that and spent two and a half hours at Outback (nearly an hour wait, plus everything running slow because of the huge crowd) that was pretty much our Saturday when we got home. Debbie hit the sack, and I did some reading and put together a lesson for Sunday morning, then did likewise.

Sunday was typical. We spent the afternoon at home napping, watching TV, reading, etc. We headed over to my sister's place after evening service to try to hammer out some details for my parents 50th wedding anniversary party that is in two weeks. All I can say is that I'm glad I only have to do this once. I hate planning things anyway, and this is just a huge pain. I'm sure we will pull it off, but I'll be glad when it's over.

Anyway, I have to run so I can get to the dealership at 5:30. GM has a recall on the tailgate cables on my truck. They rust through because the are made out of steel. The recall replaces them with stainless steel. Wow. What a revelation. Steel rusts in Michigan. It took the bright boys at GM over 100 years to figure that out. I'm amazed. At the stupidity of large groups of people working together, that is. Anyway, I have to waste an hour of my life because GM was too stupid (or too cheap) to put stainless steel cables on my $45,000 truck in the first place. Sheesh.


Oops. almost forgot. I don't care for people like Bill Maher as a rule, but this is something that people in the Church need to think about and figure out a coherent response to.

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