Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I finally heard back from Blogger support last night. Yes, my template had been eaten by a gremlin they have been chasing for some time. No, it cannot be restored. No great loss at this point: I've more or less rebuilt my template anyway, but now I send a copy of it to myself via e-mail every time I make a change.

An interesting news item I heard this morning on the drive in:

The fastest speeding ticket in Minnesota.

That record will likely stick for a while. Obviously, the self-preservation gene is missing in this guy's family. I've been up to 120 mph on the highway (it wasn't me driving, Mom) and have no desire to repeat the experience. Things happen fast when you get above 100 mph. That's why most high-speed police chases end with a car crash. Watching NASCAR makes it look easy, but it isn't. Professional race car drivers are genetic mutants with far faster than normal reaction times. I can't imagine 205 mph. Doing it on a motorcycle is just completely over the top.

That's it for now.

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