Monday, August 30, 2004

I just contacted Verizon and they promise the phone lines will be working by 4:30pm tomorrow. I don't think they appreciate the amount of damage to our phone lines. They just weren't cut at one place; they were cut numerous places with sections dug completely out of the ground. Ah well; not my problem. I need to get the lines repaired first, then call a different number to have the interface box moved to the house. If they can get the phones in the cabin working, I may not bother right away. I'll just stick with the original plan and run my own line from the cabin to the house. Then if we decide to change it later, we will still have phones in the cabin. Besides, moving the interface box involves money we don't have and I already own the new phone line and a shovel.

Saturday, we finally swapped the generators around. I've been putting it off for quite a while because I've lost all confidence in the Northstar generator. But I installed it, fired it up, and it's working great. I dropped off the Yamaha at the shop to be gone over. That one will be put on the cabin and will be a backup to the one on the house. It will be nice to have phones and power in the cabin so we can finish packing things up, moving them over to the house, then do a deep clean and repair everything that needs fixing, like the bathroom sink drain that hasn't worked in over a year. We will have to keep things cleaned up and aired out in case we end up with company at some point. Swapping the generators turned out to be pretty easy; my cousin was over with his front-loader so the whole operation took about five minutes and just the two of us.

Saturday evening, I attended a contemporary church service for a class assignment. I was hoping to be anonymous, but I didn't realize that half my department, including my boss, went to church there. Ah well, I got something to write up, anyway. It was interesting and I may even go back with Debbie if we ever have an open Saturday.

Sunday was Sunday. I was pulling double duty on sound and special music. It's so fun running back and forth between the sound booth and the platform. I wasn't happy with how the special music went, but then I rarely am because I know all the places we make mistakes. Usually no one else notices. This was one of the unusual times. But it wasn't a disaster.

More good news Sunday on the youth front: we have yet another new believer. This is getting routine. Not!! Tomorrow starts the new school year so I'll be hanging around to "rally the troops," so to speak. I'm looking forward to this school year, especially once my school is over and I can hang around one day a week.

Ands that about it. Tonight will be homework (three short papers) and some reading, if there is time. Oh joy.

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