Friday, August 13, 2004

Another week of college completed and I was able to get my homework done. We got some great news in class: the instructor eliminated a lot of the Mickey Mouse stuff from the class, cut back on the amount of writing (one-page summary of each book instead of 4-5 page critical analysis), and simplified some of the learning team assignments. We should be able to hammer out the learning team stuff in one meeting. I'm going to attempt to complete all the reading assignments and book summaries this week. Then it's just sit-back-and-coast for the last three weeks.

We got hit with a big financial shock yesterday. I've had a guy out working on our road for about a week. The plan was to cut some trees and widen out the road a little. Yesterday, there were a half-dozen trucks and a whole crew out building a highway to my house, and wanting $3,000 by today. I don't have $3,000 just sitting around waiting for someone to ask for it. I have no idea where this money is going to come from. Anyone want to make some donations? I will definitely be hitting up the other land owners for cash.

Because of the work on the road, we still have no phone lines. One thing that will help with the cash situation is getting our phone lines back so I can start selling off stuff. I have an entire garage full of things I don't use. I will definitely be unloading a bunch of it. I will also be able to transfer a lot of the documents and link pages from the old web site to here. Speaking of this blog, if things look weird from time to time, I'm experimenting with the template. I'm trying to add a search capability, but for some reason, the text for the radio buttons aren't showing. I need to play with that. I also cut down on the number of days that show on the main page from seven to four. The posts are still available in the archive on the right side of the screen. I may be changing that as well. Right now, each week is in a separate archive; I may change that to each month again to shorten up the list so it isn't so cumbersome. I set it up as weekly because that was what I had on the old one, but it really doesn't work well. So expect great things in the near future. Or, at least "things".

Well, I need to look like I'm working.

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