Friday, August 27, 2004

Another week of class down; only seven more to go. Not that I'm counting or anything.

This class hasn't been what I expected. The books are great, but we don't talk about the books in class. We don't seem to talk about much at all. I expect to have to do some serious mental gymnastics in a 400-level class but that isn't happening. I must be really smart.... I should finish up the reading tonight, along with the one-page review of it. Then I need to start cranking out the individual paper. Our PLT also has to figure out spiritual lessons from the movie The Truman Show. I watched it once and have a couple ideas. I need to watch it again to get some of the names right and type up a couple of ways to look at it. This movie surprised me in a couple ways. First, it stars Jim Carrey, but it is in the drama section of Blockbuster. Second, Jim Carrey actually pulls off a serious dramatic role while still being Jim Carrey. I would have never expected that from Fire Marshall Bill.

It looks like another busy weekend. I still have to call the phone company and get my phone lines hooked back up. While they are at it, I want them to move the interface box from the cabin to the house. I'm tired of walking 300 yards every time I want to use the phone. Our road is looking better and better. We had a real heavy rain last night that packed everything down nice. This will be a much easier winter than last year even if we get more snow.

I forgot to mention that we found out that "our" dog is a diabetic and requires daily insulin shots. It's only our dog when there are vet bills; otherwise it lives in my sister's kennel with their other two dogs because we just are not set up for a dog right now. I'm more focused on getting the power situation in some final form than I am on building fences and dog houses. There is time for that later.

Speaking of our power situation; our secondary generator started giving us fits last night. We have enough juice to last for a day or two tops, so I need to get the generators swapped around tomorrow. I'm not sure how I'm going to do that without a lot of help, but I'll figure something out. Maybe tomorrow will be the day I finally build some sort of ramp for loading and off-loading stuff from the back of my truck so I don't need five guys to come to my house every time I need generators swapped around. I just hope there isn't anything seriously wrong with the backup generator. I can't afford to replace that right now given that we just spent thousands of dollars on our road. If I could get some help, I could reduce the dependency on generators in the first place by getting the solar panels hooked up.

Anyway, have a great weekend. Mine looks to be busy. As usual.

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