Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Quick update before I head out for the day. Nothing spectacular for today other than youth group. Tomorrow is back at the college thing for the home stretch. Only five classes to go; last day is October 14. As I've said before, I still have some theology classes, but I can do those by mail. After October 14, I don't have to drive to Grand Rapids every week, and I can go back to working 40 hours a week. That will be a big help to the budget, as well as my sanity.

I made a nice blunder last night. I always have a problem keeping what day it is straight when I have Monday off work. Yesterday, I didn't realize is was Tuesday and that I needed to prepare a lesson for tonight until 11pm as I was getting ready for bed. So instead of getting to bed at a reasonable time, I didn't get there until 2am this morning. Smart. Very smart.

Anyway, gotta fly.

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