Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Just an FYI for those that haven't heard yet:  my cousin Becky Wiklanski (Jamie's wife) was in an accident on Monday morning.  She was hit by a train while driving a car.  She was air lifted to St Marys Hosp in Saginaw.  She is still in ICU as of today.  She has SEVERAL fractures of the pelvis-but all clean breaks.  She has fluid around her heart -- possible trauma from airbag/seatbelt.  Bad gash on her arm --they had to clean out some glass and metal from tendons were cut and it didn't go down to the bone.  Broken arm -- not casted yet because of swelling and injury.  She had a neck brace on -- was taken off sometime today.  Neck xrays shows okay, no results from spine xrays.  She had tubes in stomach to check for internal injuries--taken out last night or today.  No internal injuries.  Still in pain and drinking/eating a little bit.  I will update as I hear more.   Prayers are appreciated ... letters can be sent to the hospital if you want.   St Mary's Medical Center ICU Unit 800 S Washington   Saginaw MI  48601   .... when moved to a regular room -- mail should follow her.

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