Saturday, June 26, 2004

We are now running off the inverter. I spent a fair chunk of yesterday finishing up all the last minute details in the power shed. I ran the generator for several hours just to top off the batteries then let it roll. I had to switch some wiring around in the house so the well pump would work. The only thing is that the batteries are not holding up for as long as I would have liked, but for now it will do. They should last for at least a day or so with us in the house and for several days with us not at home. It seemed really weird to be watching TV and not have the generator running. It's been five years since the last time we could just walk over and turn on the TV (or a light, for that matter) without having to run outside and start up the generator. It will take some time to get everything dialed in, but right now, everything is looking good.

Today was Customer Appreciation Day where we normally buy our gas. They were selling gas for 99 cents per gallon. I drove by there expecting a line, but I didn't even get near the place. The line was two miles down the road, around the corner, and still growing. That was a half hour before the sale kicked in. I decided to pass. Maybe next year.

Well, I need to get home and do some more organizing in the garage so I can haul all the tools out of the house and start getting the place organized. I mailed out invites to a dozen people for a get-together at our house next Thursday, so I figured we should at least get all the dead lady bugs vacuumed up. This evening is supposed to be busy; we have an open house and a party with our Bible Study group. So I need to get rolling, but I wanted to post something while I had internet access.