Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Summer arrived in a big way: yesterday it broke 90 degrees F. Two days earlier, the highs were in the 60's, and according to the weather liars, it will be back there tomorrow. This is turning out to be one screwed up June.

We spent last night at my parents' house watching Windows update download and install 6 megs of critical security updates. I was trying to sign up for iTunes so I could grab some songs for the senior video we are supposed to have done by Sunday. The updates didn't get done until after 11pm, so we just packed up and went home. I will try again tonight to get our act together. Sometime, I still need to do all my reading and my work for college. Time is running very short. I may be taking another day off work just to get everything done. I will never get any vacation accrued at this rate.

Anyway, not much to report other than it's hot and muggy. The news sites are still all Reagan all the time. Now that the funeral is over, I expect that to change.

The whole "national mourning" has made made one thing very clear to me; a lot of people haven't grasped the concept that if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything. Here is a guy that has been out of office since 1988 and hasn't had a clue about reality for some time. So lets pick the day of his funeral to try to cram as many nasty things about him in a column as possible. Come on! Show some sort of human decency. Or maybe that just isn't possible for some people. Sure, Reagan said and did some things that probably fall into the category of "stupid," but then so does everyone else. The difference is that the President has every word he utters recorded then discected endlessly by a group of self-appointed, self-righteous clowns.

Of course, what do I know. At least Mr. Hitchens gets paid to spew. I do it for free...

Anyway, that's about all I have. If I can ever find five minutes, I've found several new interesting-looking blogs to add to my list. Maybe I'll just take the time tonight while I'm online.

Back to the mines.

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