Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Slow news day, and a slow day in general. At least up to this point. It will get busy for me around 3pm when I leave here and start getting things together for the dunes trip with the youth group.

Last night ended up being unproductive for me; just sitting watching videos. My sinus problems are starting to effect my ability to think. So much brain power has to be devoted to simple things like breathing and swallowing spit without choking that there isn't anything left for much else. I just have to hold on until Friday and hope my doctor can do something other than tell me to just suffer. That's been his response the last couple times I've gone in with this, but this is the worst and longest lasting case I've ever had of sinus crud. I can't live like this.

The weather is unbelievable. This is the 23rd day of June and we are still heating the house at night. This is unbelievable. At least it looks like all the rain that we were supposed to get today is a no-show. That will help make the dunes trip a little more enjoyable.

Anyway, nothing else to really say. I'll probably have a lot of stories tomorrow if this trip is like any of the others.

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