Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I'm posting this from the front seat of my truck. No, I don't have some cool wireless connection; I'm actually sitting in the truck by the cabin with a phone line running out of the window and plugged into the test jack in the telephone interface box. This is because the cabin is out of juice and I absolutely have to get some things done tonight. For now, I have the truck running so I'm nice and cool in spite of the 92 degree F temps outside.

Not much else to say; I just thought I'd let everyone know just what an internet junkie I really am.

I invited the first batch of family as team members. I see on has already accepted. I'll keep sending out batches of a dozen or so over the next few months. Pretty soon there will be hundreds of people posting to this blog. I'll have to sell tickets! Yea, right.

Anyway, the iTunes download is chugging away in the background. Only thirty minutes left to go. I'll probably hunt up some of the dozen or so blog URL's I have stashed in my e-mail and put them with the others.


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