Monday, June 28, 2004

I'm at work not feeling particularly well, so I'll be hitting the road soon after this makes its appearance.

We are in day three with the inverter and all looks well. There are some changes that will need to be made to increase efficiency, but the short-term panic is over. I need to swap out the generators, but that shouldn't have an effect on anything. In theory, anyway. We haven't had a lot of luck on the generator front lately.

I started cleaning out the house, then realized I didn't have a place for anything in the garage. This confuses me, because all the tools in the house were originally in the garage. In any case, I need to do a deep clean in the garage before I can clean the house. I was hoping for a jump-start on that tonight, but we have a meeting to go to at 7pm. Ah well. There's always tomorrow.

I need to start planning for a dozen or so people showing up at the front door Thursday evening expecting to be fed. I don't think throwing in some frozen pizzas will fly. I'm not much on planning gatherings, so this ought to be interesting.


For better or worse, Iraq is under self-rule. I'm sure all will be well in spite of 10,000 years of history to the contrary. Maybe it will work; maybe this is the end of history; and maybe pigs will fly. Maybe.


More indications of water on Mars. This time salt. And a rock that looks to me like some weird form of coral. Good picture of it here. We live in interesting times. Funny how I don't see any of the typical Creationist crowd commenting on the recent Mars discoveries.

And that's a wrap.

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