Thursday, June 24, 2004

I survived another trip to the dunes, although it was a close one. The other youth group we were supposed to meet decided to walk to Lake Michigan not knowing that it's a 2-hour round trip if you jog the entire way. A few of their group that had straggled found our group, but we never saw the rest of them. So it didn't turn out quite as planned, but it was still a good break from the usual routine. If I ever have some time online with my own PC, I'll post a good picture one of the teens took of me trying to kill myself.

In any case, Debbie and I both survived, and we brought back the same number of teens as we left with. There's no guarantee that they are the same ones, mind you. There was a good group that showed up. I wasn't sure anyone would be able to come, but they just kept showing up until we had fourteen kids between the ages of 11 and 19. That's more than we have had at anything for a long time. Several new faces and a few we haven't seen much of. Good stuff.

That's it. Nothing on tap tonight other than enjoying not driving to Grand Rapids for school, although I will probably do some homework. I also need to run by Sam's Club and stock up on food. Other than that, nothing really exciting going on.


Bill Clinton is the worst thing that could have ever happened to the Democratic Party. Four months to a presidential election and he is sucking up every ounce of air time and suffocating John Kerry. Someone needs to put a muzzle on that guy. And from what I hear, don't bother buying his book at the $34.95 cover price. Wait a few weeks and buy it off the sale table for $15. Every review of this book I've seen is that it is the most boring, poorly edited 900+ pages you will ever read. I'm not sure about that; some of the books I've had to read for school could probably give it race to the bottom. Anyway, I think it's funny that about the only way Kerry could get into the news right now is to club his wife to death with Clinton's book.

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