Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Another short post. The rain has finally stopped, but the temps can't get past 70 degrees F and the lows are down in the low 40's. It's hard to believe it is June and we are still running the furnace at night. We are slowly going broke just buying propane.

And just to rub a little salt in everyone's wounds: I filled up the truck last night and paid $1.68 a gallon for diesel. At this rate, the extra cost of buying the diesel will be more than made up for in not just 40% better gas mileage, but cheaper fuel as well.

Last night was homework night. It's only the third week of this class and I am terribly behind. Mostly, it is because I just don't care about the material. I'm also getting burned out fast. We get a two-week break after this class, then it's only three classes (15 weeks) and the worst is over. I still have to take some other classes, but those are internet-based. No more trips to Grand Rapids every Thursday.

Nothing new in the news; just Arabs killing Jews, Jews killing Arabs, Arabs killing Arabs, Arabs killing Americans, Americans killing Arabs, and the whole world hates Israel and America. The beat goes on...

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