Monday, May 10, 2004

Well, I got quite a shock when I logged onto the blog this morning. At some point over the weekend, Blogspot has completly revamped it's site. There is a bunch of new stuff that I can do here. So far, I've set things up so that anyone can comment on any of the posts. If that gets out of hand, I may change that, but I doubt enough people read this for things to get out of control. It's going to take me some time to play with all the new stuff, and time is something I don't have a lot of at this point. It looks like I may be able to completely replace the existing web page sooner than I thought.

Anyway, busy weekend (so what's new?): Saturday was a work day at church and my mom's birthday. That pretty much did in Saturday. Sunday started early. I'm one of the Pastor's Prayer Partners; we take turns meeting early on Sunday before anyone else shows up to pray individually, then as a group. Then teaching, morning service, home for a quick lunch, week two of the Financial Peace University, evening service, and a meeting with the youth ministry leaders. This meeting wasn't quite as productive as the last, but ministry isn't all about efficiency. We're not running a car factory. In any case, we didn't roll in until 10:30 last night.

Weather is finally looking like spring. We're getting a lot of rain, but we need it. The best part is the temps are staying above 50 degrees F, and today looks to be well in the 70's. At long last. If anyone is interested in Morel mushrooms, they are springing up like... well... like mushrooms. The blacks are everywhere and whites are starting to show.


Iraq is more of a mess every day. Everything that has happened was predictable and in fact was predicted by many inside and outside the military. The neo-conservatives that Bush has chosen to surround himself with didn't feel it was important to listen. Proverbs talks about the wisdom of having many counselors. One supposes that a multitude that all think the same way and say the same things isn't what Solomon was referring to. I could give a hundred links to demonstrate my point, but why bother?


Intel has abandoned its next generation processor. Instead, multiple Pentium IV cores will be packed on a single chip using a smaller feature size and run at lower clock speeds. Initially, in any case. I'm seeing a lot of speculation as to why and what this means, but not many facts. It sure looks like good news for AMD, which in turn is good news for PC buyers. A year ago, there were death rattles coming from AMD; this may be the break they need. This is worth keeping an eye on.

Lunch is almost over. Back to the grind.

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